Monday, November 28, 2011

Get extreme....with your text messaging!

Take texting to a new level with Extreme Text Messaging - exclusively from Rogers as a standard part of Rogers Wireless Service.

But what does Extreme Text Messaging do for you?

  • Auto-Reply - Send an auto-reply to those who text you
  • Forward - Just like call forwarding, except for text messaging
  • Blocker - Block incoming texts from unwanted sources
  • Distribution Lists - Send the same text to a group of contacts
  • Copy - Copy incoming texts to another number or email
  • Personal Signature - Sign outgoing texts with your name, title or a favourite quote
Already a Rogers customer? Use the FREE My Account app on your wireless device to manage your Extreme Text Messaging features.

For more information, visit, or visit your BC and Ontario Cellworks locations to speak with a store representative today.

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