Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 – Window Operating System Phone

I have been in the wireless industry for a very long time and I have never come across a phone that is so easy to set up and use as the Nokia Lumia 710 with the Windows Operating system.
To set up the phone, all you need is a micro-SIM card and a Windows Live ID. From start to finish the process took me a grand total of about 45 seconds. This included setting up my corporate exchange e-mail as well.

How did I do it?
I inserted my micro-SIM card and powered on the phone. The phone took me through a set-up wizard for the following:
1.       Accept the software terms
2.       Phone Setting – I selected the recommended settings
3.       Select my Time Zone
4.       Enter my Windows Live ID
Then the phone returned a message of “All Done, Have Fun”
When the home screen came up, I hit the arrow at the top, right to go to settings and add an account. I entered my corporate email address, password and hit enter. Like magic, I was done. My email, contacts and calendar synced with the phone and I was off to the races.
As an added benefit, through my windows live ID, the avatar and profile from my X-Box 360 was synchronized as well for gaming.
I had never used a Windows phone prior to this phone. I have always used BlackBerry, Android or Apple. It took me about 5 minutes to become familiar with the operating system and be able to navigate the phone. After about an hour, it was like I always used this phone.
Applications that are native on the phone at set up are:
·         Nokia Drive – GPS Navigator. You can down load maps to the device. Works great with spoken turn-by-turn instructions
·         X-Box Live for gaming
·         Market Place – lots of good apps
·         MS Office - the real deal.
·         Sky Drive – for storing files that can be accessed via your Window’s live ID from anywhere.
·         Maps
This phone is priced well. It is $29.99 on a voice only 36 month agreement. However, I would suggest that you at data to the phone for a full experience. You can add the $10 lite plan that includes 100MB
I think these phones ahve a great future and the partnership of Nokia and Microsogt will be a winner.
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