Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mobile Applications Are for Small Businesses Too!

App stores look like the new business to be in! With the market growing at an increasingly fast pace, predictions for 2011 have revenue at $3.8billion and 2014 will see an enormous jump to $8.3 billion.

There is literally an application for anything, and most are available on all smartphone platforms, meaning that application providers can reach an enormous customer base.

However, that customer base doesn't just include the regular consumer any more. Small businesses are utilizing applications to streamline their businesses for better efficiency and effectiveness. Applications that help track employees and products, assist with travel plans and help with invoicing outside of the office, are all used increasingly by small and medium businesses.

This is a great money saver for those companies that don't have the funding to invest in large scale, company-wide services. Although the applications themselves are less likely to be free, they are a much lower cost in comparison. Which works well for the smaller guys, looking to better use their money and ensure that they remain competitive.

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