Thursday, June 30, 2011

The LTE revolution is coming - are you ready?

Rogers is on the verge of introducing its new LTE, or Long Term Evolution, network and when it does, wireless customers are going to witness the new gold standard in wireless transmissions.

With the ability to experience speeds up to four times faster than current network capabilities, customers will be able to enjoy service comparable to their home or office computers. Four cities will be the first to enjoy this new network deployment in 2011 - Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver - with a further 21 cities to join them in 2012.

What can we expect from this revolution?
  • Stream movies instantly on a tablet with virtually no delays or buffering
  • Experience a revolution in wireless multiplayer real-time online gaming
  • Conduct wireless group video conferences in real-time, with virtually no lag time
  • Access data-intensive business applications while on the go
Users will need to invest in new hardware, SIM cards and services to fully enjoy the new network options, but with the ability to upgrade earlier than normal now, this shouldn't be an issue for those that have been patiently holding on to their old hardware. The first announced device designed for the LTE network is the LTE Rocket Stick from Sierra Wireless, and Ottawa residents are already able to pre-order the device so they are ready for their new network.

This is the future of wireless communication - how will it affect your summer?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why a tablet?

Whether you are a business owner, or employee, staying connected and efficient are two of the most important things to you. 

Q2 has seen an influx of tablet devices designed to help with those two factors, yet many people wonder if a tablet is right for them. Here is some food for thought:

  • Respond to emails, browse the Internet, and use your applications from a widescreen device that fits easily in a pocket or purse
  • Conduct customer presentations using quality images on a high-definition screen; a lightweight alternative to laptops and projectors
  • Provide one-on-one support to your sales teams with real time demonstrations and product information right from the device
  • Replace paper products and be more environmentally friendly as a result, with a device that is both versatile and reusable
  • Benefit from the same security you are used to with your SmartPhone, essentially creating an extension of the device you always carry with you
  • And still have time to relax when you are away from the office by enjoying music, pictures and videos with the built-in media and storage
In addition to all the awesome qualities of a tablet device, you can easily add one to your existing account with a Data Share Plan starting at just $10 / device / month. No need to worry about data that you haven't used - your tablet can make full use of your existing data plan.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Is a Family Plan right for us?

Family Plans are the name of the game at Rogers and Cellworks this quarter, and there are some amazing offers available to those who wish to get started with a new plan, whether voice or voice and data.

But many people don't realize the benefits of a Family Plan and what it can offer its users:

  • Callers within the same Family Plan can call one another anywhere in Canada with no long distance charges at any time of the day, night, weekday or weekend - completely unlimited!
  • Pooled minutes allow up to five users to take up airtime according to their usage - no need to worry about guessing how many minutes each person is going to need each month
  • The option of additional features such as Unlimited Messaging or Unlimited Network Calling, for example, applies to all lines within the account - keeping things simple and streamlined
  • Getting your teenagers started on a voice and data plan is extremely easy with the Family Voice & Data plans too, as everyone on the plan can share the data package - another way to simplify deciding on a plan
  • If you find that the plan doesn't quite suit your needs, you can change it at any time without penalty or issue
  • There are great offers on devices so that everyone can get a phone they love, whether it's a BlackBerry, iPhone, or a quick messaging device for those avid texters - some are even free!
And for ten more days (until June 30, 2011) any new Family Plan Voice & Data Activation gets you a Sony Playstation 3!