Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Five Keys to Positive Phone Shopping

An interesting article came across my desk recently which talks to the fact that shopping for a new cellphone or smartphone can be a stressful experience for many buyers. The choice of devices available coupled with choosing the right plan can have consumers walking out of the store rather than into it.

iQmetrix has come up with a list of five keys elements that will help your customers have a more positive experience while in your store:

  • Easy activation: The mobile phone activation process can be complicated, so any efforts to simplify the experience, through patient explanation and advice, will go a long way in increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Fast checkout: Expediting the checkout process is essential to delivering a good phone shopping experience. Retailers must make efforts to avoid long checkout lines – customers don’t want to wait.
  • Vast phone selection: Confusion is the enemy. It is important to not only offer a variety of devices, but also to present them in an understandable way. Store design and merchandising should clearly identify brands, categories, rate plans, etc. Retailers should meet customers’ expectations of product choice and quality, while avoiding out of stocks.
  • Affordable prices: Customers want to easily compare costs of different phones, plans and accessories to identify a price that works for them. Once again, pricing should be straightforward, not confusing.
  • Good customer service: Sales associates must demonstrate strong product knowledge while also being polite, genuine and helpful. Good listening skills are essential. Responsiveness is extremely important, as customers do not want to wait around for a salesperson to help them. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RIM Launches Its Much Anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook

Research In Motion's answer to the tablet competition was released today, April 19, amid much speculation that the BlackBerry PlayBook was never going to compare to the likes of Apple's iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

There have been many reviews recently that stated this wasn't a true tablet due to its reliance on a BlackBerry smartphone to enable its email, calendar and task features.

This device is designed for the avid BlackBerry user, which some has said may alienate other users. This is not necessarily the case as those who don't have a BlackBerry smartphone can still enjoy many of the features of the device, including its HD cameras, presentation and photo / video capabilities, and full internet access over a Wi-Fi connection.

A much smaller device than it's direct Apple competition, the PlayBook sits perfectly in one hand, allowing the freedom to use the device with the other, without the worry of dropping it or having to place it in a stand.

The quality of the screen is amazing and the functionality of the operating system is extremely smooth. And the fact that you can BBM from the PlayBook (keeping the same PIN as your smartphone) is just awesome! Also, don't forget that the moment you disconnect your BlackBerry smartphone, the PlayBook is wiped of all the email, calendar and task items, which is great for security, especially if you are one of our business customers.

Some of the key selling points of the BlackBerry PlayBook are:

  • A professional grade tablet that can be securely connected to a Blackberry, allowing
    access to their email, calendar, address books, tasks, memos and BBM
  • Great for Business Professionals and Small Business Owners
  • 7” HD touch-screen display
  • 1 GB RAM with 16, 32, or 64 GB storage
  • Wi-Fi
  • 3.0 MP forward facing and 5.0 MP rear facing cameras
  • Can be tethered to non-BlackBerry Devices (i.e Android phones, Novatel MiFi)
Currently the PlayBook is only available in a WiFi option, but we haven't ruled out the possibility of permanently connected models in the future - perhaps when Rogers launches its LTE network?

Prices are (all models are WiFi only):

  • 16GB - $499
  • 32GB - $599
  • 64GB - $699

Visit for full specifications.