Thursday, April 25, 2013

5 Greatest Dangers (Part 2 - Security)

5 Greatest Dangers Companies Encounter with their Wireless Communications

In my post March 19, 2013, I wrote about the first danger companies encounter with their wireless communications - Unmanageable or Uncontrollable costs in the complex world of wireless communications. (See the archives of the past Blogs at the side margin)
This post will expand on the second most common danger - Lack of Security of your Wireless Data.
There are 3 key points regarding security of your company's data.
  1. Phone number ownership when the employees leaves your company
  2. Your data on the employee's smart phone
  3. Employees losing their devices
I dealt with point number one briefly at the end of the last blog. If your employee's phone is  billed to them personally, they "own" the wireless number and if they leave your employ, they can take the number with them. It does not matter who is paying the bill, all that matters is who is responsible for the bill. If you wanted to call your wireless carrier and get bill copies, they would not give them to you because your company is not responsible for the bill. 

What does this all mean? If the employee that left you is in a sales or service position or are a key person in the organization with many customer relationships, your customers will continue to call them on the same number they called them when the employee worked on your team. This makes it nice and easy for you ex-employee to take customers with them.

Your employees phone is full of valuable customer information including emails, contacts and work files. If the employee owns the phone and you have no way of wiping all that information off the phone remotely, all your data goes with the employee when they leave the organization. Essentially you are giving your employee all their contacts and communications to start them up with their next company.

Your company data on your employees smart phone is exposed and not secure without a password on the smart phone. If they lose or misplace their phone all your company data and their personal data is open and available to the person who finds the phone. There are many smart phones in the market but not many that can force a password using IT permissions. In simple English, you can force your employee to put a password on the smart phone and you can force the phone to lock after X number of minutes or when the phone is powered on or off. Now your data is safe in the event of a lost or stolen phone.  

If you would like to speak to one of our Consultants regarding your wireless security, click the link below to contact us. We will have one of our consultants call you within 24 hrs.

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